not my hollywood
not my hollywood
life, liberty and the pursuit of entertainment

life, liberty

and the pursuit of entertainment


entertainment that is of the people, by the people, for the people…

are you just tired of hollywood?

sick of a side of politics served with every entertainment entree?

bored with the rich and famous people telling you what to think?

tired of sequels and remakes?

think you can do it better?

Then the time has come to create your own entertainment…

This is a place where you will produce, write, cast, direct and perform, you choose set, wardrobe, hair and makeup, you hire the cinematographers, etc…

Literally, YOU DO IT ALL!

this entertainment adventure focuses on the journey of creating and decision making

are you a writer that believes you can create the next “last man standing” or “roseanne”

then, get your chops ready because we’ve got our sights set on a new sitcom and all you have to do is… CREATE IT!

remember, some of you are “talent” but all of you are producers, all of you are decision makers, THIS IS COMPLETELY YOUR COLLABORATION.

Coming spring of 2019!

Fundraising begins soon.